Last update : August 27th 2015

I’m Camille, better known as Cam Grande Brune on the internet. I’m a key to everything. Youtuber first but also web influencer, blogger and animator, I love when there’s action! I adore the world of cosmetics and fashion, that’s why I made it my main asset on my YouTube channel and my blog. Gourmand and eternal optimist, I am constantly in search of new products, be it a place to visit, a restaurant to try, or activity to discover. Not to mention, I am completely addicted to social networks! I am excited to share with lightness and humor my passions, thoughts and discoveries via internet. :)

  • YouTube : 21 252 subscribers, more than 90 000 views/month, 85% are women. // Audience age breakdown : <18 = 23,7% ; 18-24 = 44% ; 25-34 = 19,2% ; 35-44 = 8,8% ; 45+ = 4,3%. // 52% of my views come from Canada, 32% from France, the remaining views come from french countries from Europe and Africa.
  • Instagram : 9767 subscribers
  • Twitter : 2689 subscribers
  • Facebook : 4008 likes
  • Snapchat (camgrandebrune) : more than 1500 views of my story everyday.
  • Pinterest : 908 subscribers
  • Blog : between 1500 and 3000 visits a month.

Some of my collaborations :

Full time… I work at Epicmind Studio! We mainly do the products photo. About that, we have a great cosmetic portfolio. I do photography, retouching, video and editing, and I take care of the social networking. If you want to learn more about this huge part of my life, click here!

I’m always looking for new  or wow products! … Will you be next? :)

Contact me :


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